Bars - Hotel Drim

In any time, for you there's the Aperitive Bar in the lobby of the hotel Drim, available for enjoyment and relaxing. The scene of it is a great way to fill up the batteries, to hang out, to talk with your new and old friends and to find new sources of creativity.

During the summer, there's the Kamelia Bar, which is set between our open pool Kamelia and our private beach. Over there, you can find big number of drinks, sandwiches and meals which can fully satisfy your apetite. In the hottest months of the year, please, do enjoy. 

Drim Wines

Ако сакаш да запознаеш некој народ, седни на неговата маса и пиј од неговото вино – Италијанска поговорка

“If you want to get to know a nation, sit on their table and drink from their wine” – Italian proverb


The Republic of Macedonia is situated in the south-eastern part of Europe in the very heart of the Balkan Peninsula. From its geographic characteristics Macedonia is mountainous country with average height of 829 meters above sea level. 

Macedonia is important crossroad both timeless and spacious, because histories, cultures and traditions are inter-connected in its existence. Somewhere in between, the art of making wine is a mixture of various elements: wine yard, soil, climate, sun, smell, taste, people… that all together make harmony for developing and producing high quality wines.

The roots of wine producing in Macedonia are up to ancient times. Macedonians are well known for their warm hospitality and tremendous wine. We offer you our specially selected Drim Wines.

Welcome to Macedonia, joy for all of your senses!

*македонска верзија


  • . 2011 Drim Hotels Sauvignon Blanc (Kapija, Tikveš region, Kavadarci)              
  •     2011 Drim Hotels Vranec (Kapija, Tikveš region, Kavadarci)    
  •   2011 Drim Hotels Cabernet Sauvignon (Kapija, Tikveš region, Kavadarci) 
  •   2011 Drim Hotels Žilavka (Kapija, Tikveš region, Kavadarci)