Meet the team

Its a great pleasure to introduce you the people that make Drim Hotels so special and who continue a long tradition of sincere and relaxed hospitality. Most of the professionals who work here have been with the hotel for many years: their skills are honed to an extremely high level and guests can expect a standard of service that is second to none.
We believe in the ultimate potential of every member of our staff and we expect all hotel employees to care first and foremost about providing for the comfort of our guests. If you have any questions that you would like to address to any of us, please call or write us any time.
We all look forward to warmly welcoming you to beautiful Struga and the Drim Hotels very soon!
  • Krste Blazheski – General Manager 

Mr. Blazheski is born in Struga, but at the age of 14 moved (together with his parents and younger brother) to the United States of America. Speaks fluently English. When he was 21 years of age he came back to Macedonia to serve in the army and to complete his university education. After two years he went back to the States and started his own private business. He has managed a private construction company, transportation company, restaurants, and hotels. Since 2004, he is one of the owners of AD Inex Hotel Drim / Drim Hotels - a big tourist complex of two hotels and camping site. In 2008, he returned to Macedonia and since then has managed the complex.  As a volunteer he has been president of the Macedonian Orthodox Church in USA for four years and has done numerous one-day volunteering jobs. What he likes the most of Struga is that it has a relaxed climate; it’s a city on two waters and especially the main restaurant at Hotel Beograd in the center of the city.


Ms. Jancheva is the Hotel Manager of Drim Hotels since 2011. She is born in the capital city Skopje. She has international experience in the tourism and hospitality sector, added to her experience in Macedonia in the same area, on the Ohrid Lake. She finished her education in Stavanger, Norway; earning Master of science in International Hotel and Tourism Leadership. Her favorites regarding Struga are its relaxed atmosphere, hospitality, peace and calmness which the “two waters” give to Struga and make it ideal for either vacation or business conference. Her motto is “Learn. Create. Motivate.”


Ms. Machevska has finished her university education at the Faculty of Law in Skopje. She is working at her current position in Drim Hotels since 2007.


Ms. Petkoska has been with us since 2006, working within the accounting department of the firm. She is enrolled at her current position since 2011. She has experience expanded several years after her completion of university studies at the Faculty of Economics in Skopje. The hospitality of the people living in Struga, the calmness and friendliness, all together with the scenery of Ohrid Lake and river Crni Drim side by side are her favorites.


Ms. Dunovska finished her education at the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality in Ohrid and has been working in Drim Hotels since 2006. She loves the summer and the beaches on the Ohrid Lake.

  • Vasil Talevski - Chef de Cuisine -

Mr. Talevski is the men behind your culinary enjoyment, making it unforgetable, unique and more than pleasant. That is repeatedly proven from our guests' high marks. More than 15 years of experience working with exceptional delicateses throughout the magic of the kitchen, coupled with his Master of Arts at the Faculty of Tourism, our chef makes every cuisine dream come true. Among the many years of experience there is one international in Cardiff, Wales, UK. Being by the water, on the shore, is one great thing. As it is in this moment, on the Ohrid Lake shore. 

  • Kire Barakoski – Food & Beverage Manager -

Mr. Barakoski has in depth experience of the tourism sector on the Ohrid Lake, working in the area of over 27 years. He has been studying in Ohrid and later he finished his studies in Belgrade, Serbia. He likes many things, stressing the broad range of opportunities Struga and this region have to offer.


  • Menche Lucijanikj – Housekeeping Manager -

Ms. Lucijanikj has 14 years of experience within its area while at Drim Hotels started working in 2000. She loves the Ohrid Lake and its horizon.