Hotel Drim won a lot of awards through its existense.

We are dedicated to do the things in the best way possible and every award just gives us reasons to smile and work towards more and more achievements. 

  • Acknowledgement from the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia
  • Award - Gold from the Tourist Association of Yugoslavia
  • Award - Silver from the Conference of Tourism Workers, year 1978
  • Acknowledgement from the Stopanska Banka, year 1984
  • Award - Silver from "Inter Export", year 1986
  • First Place on the "Inex Tourist" sport days, year 1990
  • Acknowledgment from the Economic Chamber of the Republic of Macedonia
  • Diploma from the Novi Sad fair, year 2006
  • Certificate from the USAID, year 2006
  • Gold for new quality, Touristic Prism, year 2006
  • Acknowledgment for special attributions, from the Bowling Federation of the Republic of Macedonia, year 2008
  • Grand Prix VAHA, years 2008 and 2009
  • The Best Hotel in the Republic of Macedonia for 2011, Ministry of Economics, year 2011
  • Certificate of Appreciation for the work done as being the host of the 2nd International Food Symposium on traditional foods